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Wi-Paris is committed to preserving French know-how as well as developing local jobs and minimizing the impact of overconsumption on the environment.

Products made in France, Guadeloupe and Mauritius.

Ephemeral collections
If our product ranges are ephemeral, it is above all because they are made in very small quantities. Our swimsuits are created and designed in France, and in Mauritius, in workshops specialized in high-end lingerie. We value the experience and know-how of these partners who allow us to offer luxury swimwear collections, constantly renewed and that ensure you femininity and elegance without compromise.

Certified producersOur
precious beachwear and accessories are made in Mauritius, Greece, and of course in Guadeloupe, the birthplace of our founder Jaky Sainsily. We select our mainly Spanish and Italian fabric producers for their Lycra certification. We have chosen for you the best manufacturers of raw materials.

For a product of exceptional quality.

We select the companies that work alongside us, ensuring their probity and the wealth they bring to us through their experience in areas where they have proven themselves.

Wi-Paris know-how

Refined selection of textiles

 In order to make swimsuits and clothes that meet your expectations, we make a very careful choice of our textiles. In particular, we favor technical fabrics to maintain the curve of the body and highlight all women. Our original and textured materials, unexpected on a piece such as the bath body, create a unique visual and surprising volume games that know how to magnify your shapes.

Design ensuring support and comfort

We offer models without frames for women who want more freedom and comfort without neglecting their femininity and charm. Each model is designed to ensure the necessary support and, through a set of cut-outs, redesign your ideal silhouette.

Promotion of French craftsmanship

WI-PARIS values French craftsmanship and techniques that have endured to the present day.
Some prototypes benefit from the use of an exceptional weaving created in the nineteenth century: Jacquard, an ancestral pattern weaving technique, is obtained by interweaving previously tinted threads. Improving the appearance of the fabric, it gives relief to our models, and adds all the more a touch of nobility.
The workshops we work with are located in Lyon, the original city of traditional Jacquard manufacturing.


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Brand made in France but not only… : ethical and committed

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By creating Wi-Paris, Jaky Sainsily set himself a real challenge. She chose to ensure that the brand remains an ethical brand through which she could share her deep values, her commitment to humanity and the environment.

To this end, it is concretely involved in:

  • She travels to the workshops she selects to ensure compliance with working conditions.

  • It only creates collections in small quantities in order to avoid the balance, the unsold or the waste of materials and labor.

These two modalities guarantee Wi-Paris the creation of quality products by respecting the design methods and working conditions of all employees. They also prevent mass production.

Engage and stay creative

Swimsuits made with care, by hand, ensure not only a very high quality of manufacture, but also a reduced quantity of models of the same product, allowing our customers to feel unique.
We thus leave the field open to creativity with the frequent release of new pieces, all as original as each other.

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